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& Web Design is part of our website enhancement program.

Forward Opportunities speciality is assisting website owners in getting their website URL found on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and MSN through our website enhancement program.

If your home page is on page one of the major search engines, your website is going to be successful in generating business for your company. One of the keys to an effective website enhancement program is choosing your keywords and effectively using them in a one-way and reciprocal linking program.

Forward Opportunties recommends that if you have not yet chosen a URL for your website, choose one that utilizes your product or services, rather than your business name, unless your business name is your product or service. At this time in search engine optimiztion and website enhancement there is a real bias for keyword URLs getting Page 1 placement by the search engines. If you sell widgets, then you want to have the URL whenever possible and if that isn't possible then consider or or .

Forward Opportunities will help you select an appropriate keyword URL if you like, but for sure with our website enhancement program we are going to assist you with your original content, meta tags, keyword phrases, outbound links, in bound links, one way links and other search engine optimization techniques necessary for a page one position on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Send us an email with your website address and phone number and we will give you a FREE preliminary evaluation and our recommendations.


for SEO is a must according to Jeffalytics. He has laid out a very strong argument that comes down to 1 undeniable fact -- Google+ will definitely impact your SEO in a very positive way. Jeff did an SEO study with 4 brand new domain names and in his blog article demonstrated that Google+ on its own can get you a page 1 search ranking for your keyword phrase.

Top 10 Myths about Search Engine Optimization

Myth # 1: All Website Meta Tags Are Equal

We are going to make sure that you have put in all the available Meta tags for your site, but it is true that some are very useful while others are not. That said - search engines today are looking for what is on the website, rather than what the meta tags are saying. Our experience tells us that the description tag is important. The keyword tag is not critical, but should be done correctly. However, it is critical that the Title tag robot tag and the description tag be done properly.

Myth # 2: You Should Submit Your Site to Search Engines Weekly or Monthly

We submit our websites once to all the major search engines and then we update the websites monthly. The search engines will come back on their own if you have something new for them to see.

Myth # 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Too Expensive

SEO is the most cost effective form of online marketing, when all expenses are considered. You can set up your website SEO proper and then tweak it to get a Page 1 or Page 2 position on the search engines where the clicks are free. Pay Per Click (PPC) is available, but in certain industries it can be expensive and the results debateable (click fraud?) versus long term effectiveness with straight up SEO.

Myth # 4: Pay Per CLick Is More Effective Than Natural Search Engine Optimization

In the short term this is true (one week, two weeks, three weeks). In the long term (one month to three months)…..false. Natural SEO results are preferred by Internet searchers by more than 5 to 1 over PPC. People trust top 20 relevant results. People also know that the ads on the right hand side of the page are sponsored ads. They have long ago figured out that anyone can bid on any sponsored term without any real knowledge of the industry. So, long term SEO is much more effective than PPC, especially when considering the preferences of search engine traffic. A Page 1 5 ranking may take some time to get, but once you are there you will get better results than from PPC.

Myth # 5: Hiring an SEO Specialist "In House" is Cheaper

The problem with hiring an SEO expert in house is that they are paid hourly or by salary and you have an employee to worry about. At Forward Opportunities you hire us to do a job, you pay us, you get what you pay for, without an attitude and government payroll taxes to consider.

Myth # 6: I Can Only Optimize My Homepage for Key Terms

Take advantage and optimize every page on your site. Each page should have its own key terms, with no more than three keyword phrases per page (preferably one). Remember, the search engine considers each web page with its algorithms, not the entire website.

Myth # 7: Writing Content with Keyword Density Is All That’s Needed for Page 1 Ranking

That is not true, especially for Google. You need off-site SEO as well as on-site SEO for a Page 1 – Top 20 search engine placement. Keyword density may work some of the time on some of the search engines, but it will take more than keyword stuffing to get to Page 1.

Myth # 8: I Shouldn't Aim for the Most Competitive Keywords and Phrases

You compete where you make the most money. Forward Opportunities wants to help you get a Page 1 – Top 20 search engine ranking for the keyword phrases that will make you money.

Myth # 9: Only The Big Boys Get High Page Rankings

The search engines are electronic bits and bytes. In theory the algorithms are website blind and the rules are the same for everyone. Do what your competitor is doing on their website, only do it 1 step better and you will be 1 step above them in the search engine placement.

Myth # 10: Flash is Better Than Text for SEO

False. The search engines do not see your flash. If you have a flash website, we want to talk with you today.

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